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OrgSync was an online community management system for higher education institutions in the United States and Canada. OrgSync enabled colleges and universities to communicate with students and staff, track student involvement, and manage campus organizations and programs. Student organizations could manage their members, events, and websites.

OrgSync has been despised by the community due to the poor program execution, according to a post published by Barton Perkins at

"ORGSYNC: GREAT IN THEORY BUT TERRIBLE IN EXECUTION. Its execution by the University has rendered the program widely despised. Despite this, it appears that the hated social media outlet will not be leaving anytime soon. One can only hope that either the stringency that Sewanee attaches to OrgSync decreases."


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Former Employee - Director, Business Development says

"I worked at OrgSync full-time for more than a year Cons: Unfortunately, the problems with the company stem from the leadership of the company. In fact, the CEO and CFO, who recently were let go, were not the culprits. There is a documented history of leadership saying one thing and doing another which led to dissension amongst the departments within the company. The easiest way to equate the tension is to that of an abusive relationship. There is little to no professional development, and any sales training is consistently bounced back to those who either have no sales experience (yet are tasked with leading sales), or to those who have a history of overselling and creating unhappy customers. I will attest that everything is said in previous reviews (that are not steller about OrgSync) is accurate. I was cautioned when I joined to "keep my eyes and ears open" and I never truly felt comfortable there."

Former Employee - Director, Business Development says

"I worked at OrgSync full-time for more than 3 years Cons: While there are certainly good things I have taken away from my time at the company, there are several areas that need a great deal of improvement. Unfortunately most, if not all, of these issues funnel down from the top of the organization. Current management is very poor with how they oversee their departments and have a history of making false promises. There were often instances of key members of leadership speaking poorly about their subordinates and discrediting them behind their backs in social situations without any attempt at coaching or offering guidance. A common feeling is that many have their positions in leadership simply because of the fact that they were around when OrgSync was founded or have close relationships with the founders, rather than on a basis of how they can methodically grow, teach and execute goals set for their team. My team only stayed on for a brief period after the acquisition took place to see what changes the new owners might bring, but sadly we were far from impressed. No changes were observed other than obvious tension from current leadership with the new owners (which was often communicated in unprofessional ways in company meetings). Many on my team were told that the current management was only staying around to collect a bonus check for being there for a certain amount of time and would very likely leave not too long after. Disturbingly, the amounts of the bonuses were shared as well, leading to many on the team feeling like they were tools only there for the purpose of achieving a large bonus for the leadership. Those who seemed to be planning to leave from the management were already attempting to recruit individuals to join their new venture in the office. While the compensation from the acquisition was a nice touch, management was not proactive when it came to making their employees happy, but rather were reactionary when something bad occurred. While there, our reputation in the industry was one our team was working to change, as management initially made promises to prospective customers we couldn’t fulfill and a great deal of time was spent building back trust with prospective schools who had a bad taste in their mouths as a result. I would be very hesitant when really looking into OrgSync as the positive reviews are only on here because they are from current management or a new employee who has been there less than six months. Once a negative review is made about OrgSync, Someone from management will email or call the person they believe wrote the review (whether they are working for the company or not) and attempt to convince them to change their review. That and/or they will send out a company wide email asking current employees help give them more positive reviews to push down the honest reviews. It is also good to note that when the survey comes out for “The Best Places to Work” OrgSync leadership badgers employees to compete it with only positive reviews and nothing less... or else."

Former Employee - Director, Business Development says

"I worked at OrgSync full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - Small company, big problems. All the problems are at the top. - Lots of promises made, not many kept. Those that made a lot of money off the acquisition openly discussed new purchases almost everyday, ranging from little tech toys to a Golden Tee arcade for the new house. Huge lack of awareness the top of how their behavior affected the rest of the company, who didn't benefit very much from the acquisition but whose work led to it. - Sales, prior to most of our team being hired, had quite the reputation in the industry. The problem was that that reputation was one of making a lot of promises that the company couldn't keep and leaving a bad taste in the mouths of a lot prospective customers across the country. Our team had to fight an uphill battle and rebuild relationships over a 2 year span. Also, our team ultimately learned that whenever our team relayed ideas or comments through our "appropriate channel", they never actually made it to the appropriate people for review even though we were told otherwise. Lots of promises made, none were kept, and topics were avoided that our team desired to discuss. Roles were switched heading into the acquisition and an Enterprise Sales position was created, which was an absolute sham and led to accounts being cherry picked away from our team. - We were all looking forward to working with the new parent's company's leadership team. We weren't given the opportunity the work with them, however, and learn from the seasoned professionals that they are. As you can imagine, its a big red flag to the parent' company's leadership team when the majority of the sales team moves on within a matter of months. - There is turmoil in other areas as well."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at OrgSync full-time Cons: -If you're not with the "in crowd" (friends with someone who already works there), forget it. They pretend they are still in college. If your idea of a career involves boozy lunches and working through the weekend or at night, this might be the place for you. But it's not at all professional behind the scenes. --if you begin to fall out of that "in crowd," you'll be gone in a blink. It's a "CYA" kind of job. Keep an eye out for trouble. -Past employees are constantly portrayed as awful, so you can bet that management is talking the same way about current employees. -Managers are there not necessarily because of their skills but because of their relationship to the CEO. This means some are great, while others are...not." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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